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  • Did someone order a gyro? 🥙🌯

    Did someone order a gyro? 🥙🌯

    Image source: Birdcare Aotearoa located in Green Bay, Auckland NZ Website | Instagram | Facebook (No story to accompany this one, just a classic owl in a towel!) You can help fund Birdcare Aotearoa at the following DONATION LINK xo owlsintowels 💛🦉 Species Common Name More info Ninox novaeseelandiae Morepork Wiki link

  • Burrowing Owl #2 – Fractured Coracoid

    Burrowing Owl #2 – Fractured Coracoid

    Original post – 04 Jul 2023 – Source by CROW – Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife at Sanibel, Florida Website | Instagram | Facebook For those willing and able please consider helping fund CROW at this LINK. Your generosity ensures the best possible care for their animal guests. xo owlsintowels 🧡🦉 Species Common Name…

  • Little owl burrito of the week! 🦉 + 🌯

    Little owl burrito of the week! 🦉 + 🌯

    Original post – 16 Nov 2021 by West Shore Wildlife Center, Pennsylvania, US website | facebook | instagram Original comment: When receiving his daily medical care, a quick burrito in a blanket lets our rehab staff safely medicate and check this Eastern Screech Owl patient’s progress while also keeping him secure. He’s decided to close…

  • I helped release this ruru!

    I helped release this ruru!

    I was incredibly fortunate to have a close encounter with this beautiful ruru at BirdCare Aotearoa (website | facebook | instagram ) in Auckland, New Zealand. They were looking for volunteers to transport some of their avian guests for release. My partner and I jumped at the opportunity and we got to meet this little…

  • How to make an owl burrito

    How to make an owl burrito

    Little owl being wrapped in a towel, as part of treatment by wildlife specialists. (I think they’re putting him on a dinner plate to be funny, and hopefully not as part of meal preparation😮…. needs some branch dressing) Couldn’t find a source for this one. If anyone can find the original please let me know,…

  • Pink burrito for Eastern screech owl

    Pink burrito for Eastern screech owl

    Original Post – 27 Mar 2021 West Shore Wildlife Center, Pennsylvania website | facebook | instagram 27 Mar 2021 This Eastern Screech Owl came to us earlier this week and is one of the first patients admitted to our updated indoor rehab space! He was sadly clipped by a car and it took a few…

  • Cute old Saw-whet owl captured for banding

    Cute old Saw-whet owl captured for banding

    Original post – 18 Dec 2018 Albany Pine Bush Preserve, New York website | facebook | instagram Perhaps our most exciting capture of the Saw-whet owl banding season was a female originally banded in Rockingham County, Virginia. This female was initially banded in 2012 and aged as an “after second year” making her at least…

  • Angry Burrito no.s 1 and 2

    Angry Burrito no.s 1 and 2

    Original post – 21 Dec 2020 – by Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife website | facebook | instagram Part of monitoring the health of the animals in our care requires us to weigh them frequently so that we know they are not losing weight and that they are on the path to healing. Since our…

  • Adorable baby mountain scops owl in Taiwan

    Adorable baby mountain scops owl in Taiwan

    Original article – 29 Jun 2022 – by Marcus Parekh Leofoo Village Theme Park, Taiwan 🧡🦉 #owlsintowels

  • Ruru Burrito for Feb-ruru-ary

    Ruru Burrito for Feb-ruru-ary

    Original post – 30 Aug 2019 – by Wellington Zoo, New Zealand website | facebook | instagram This beautiful wee Ruru was brought to us yesterday by a member of the community. The bird was possibly hit by a car and unfortunately has a broken wing. Today our Vet team at The Nest Te Kōhanga…

  • Bip the White-Faced Burritowl

    Bip the White-Faced Burritowl

    This is Bip. Bip is one-third of a trio of education owls named Bip Bop and Boo. These three white-faced owls were hatched and raised in captivity during the first lockdown at @theraptorfoundation in Cambridgeshire UK. Shout out to these guys for the amazing work they do. Photo credit Elliot Hall @redtailhawked#🦉  #🌯  #burritowl #owlsintowels