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Owls in towels, so warm and snug,
Bundled up burrito hug.
Putting raptors in a wrap
…stops them getting in a flap!

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This is a site for hosting pictures of owls… in towels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why?

A: Why not!

Q: Not, but really, why?


Owls are amazing! They are truly extraordinary creatures that serve a critical niche in our ecosystems. So naturally we want to help the ones that are sick or injured, and celebrate people’s efforts to do so.

But watch out! Handling owls is dangerous. Owls have sharp beaks and claws, and they WILL put up a fight. Experts protect themselves (and the owls) by wrapping the owl in a towel. This keeps the owl still, and allows the handler to complete tasks, like giving them food, medication, and xrays.

We like to see owls in towels, because it means people are helping owls. This site exists to document and share as many owls in towels to as many eyes in skulls as possible. If nothing else, this site hopes to add a momentary glimmer of cheer to each person’s life with the simple act of showcasing owls receiving care. No ads. No sponsors. No commercial influences. Just images and stories of owls being rescued, treated and rehabilitated by people who care.

It is vital we protect our co-inhabitants of this planet, including the fluffy flying fauna of the order “strigiformes”. They make the world wonderful, the globe gleeful, and nature neat. This goes for all animals, of course, but especially owls. Because they’re awesome. We have a duty as humans to be guardians of the earth; this big watery rock; this pale blue marble that we call home, which gives us so much and allows us (and all the inhabitants of this planet) to thrive, now and — all going well — for millennia to come. Helping owls is one of the small ways we can give in return.

(Also, owls are hecking cute and they make people happy).

Send your submissions and questions to:

Q: Who funds this website?

A: This site isn’t funded by anyone!

Well, truth be told… it’s funded by me. I’m your host, Stone Willows¹, and I cover the small costs of establishing the domain, site, and maintenance.

¹ Stone Willows isn’t my real name, by the way. It’s just an anagrammatical pseudonym. My real name isn’t important!

With a bit of techno savvy, the expenses of webhosting can be kept low. Do I possess said savvy? Not really! But such is the fun of discovering web development, learning the ropes and roping the learns. The result is what you see before you; a rudimentary hodgepodge of WordPress-deployed simply static pages with Github + Cloudflare hosting, which makes this relatively cheap and easy.

This method allows it to be set up as an independent hub, and receive no funding from outside organisations. I want it to be completely free of commercial interests. It’s a passion project for the sake of projecting passion, which is its own reward.

In other words, this site needs no funds. And I am not seeking to commercialise. Please consider donating instead to your local wildlife refuge.

More valuable than MONEY however is your feedback: if you can offer any tips on how to improve this website, I’m owl ears! DONATE YOUR FEEDBACK! This is a static site by the way, so webforms are not going to webform here. Send a message instead to:

Drop us a line! Thanks for your interest. Stay classy and take care!
xo owlsintowels

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