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  • Charming northern saw-whet owl

    Charming northern saw-whet owl

    Original post – 04 Oct 2021 by Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation, Madden, Alberta Website | Instagram | Facebook DONATE to AIWC Only around the size of an adult humanโ€™s fist, saw-whet owls possess excellent hearing and low light vision. They are strictly nocturnal, and at night these miniature owls become winged terrors, swooping down…

  • The “spiciest patient” so far ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ

    The “spiciest patient” so far ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ

    Tamarack Wildlife Center (@tamarackwildlife)Original post – 16 Jun 2023 ____________ “Our colleagues at Lake Erie Nature and Science Center (@lakeerienature) admitted this young Northern Saw-whet Owl after it was found injured and missing most of it’s flight feathers, possibly as a result of an animal attack. With permission from state officials in Ohio and Pennsylvania,…

  • Cute old Saw-whet owl captured for banding

    Cute old Saw-whet owl captured for banding

    Original post – 18 Dec 2018 Albany Pine Bush Preserve, New York website | facebook | instagram Perhaps our most exciting capture of the Saw-whet owl banding season was a female originally banded in Rockingham County, Virginia. This female was initially banded in 2012 and aged as an “after second year” making her at least…